Gooyesh Introduction

آغاز ثبت نام کلیه کلاس های ترم تابستان


آموزش آنلاین گویش در یک نگاه


* جلسات نیم ساعته

* ارتباط ویدئویی استاد و فراگیران

* ارتباط ویدئویی فراگیران با همدیگر

* تعامل علمی فعال استاد و فراگیران

* اساتید مجرب و مسلط به آموزش آنلاین

* کلاس های یک روز در میان (زوج یا فرد)

* تکالیف و فعالیت مستمر از طریق سایت و اپلیکیشن


*** با گویش فراتر از آموزش آنلاین را تجربه کنید. ***




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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the amount of tuition fee for each course?

The amount of tuition fee is decided upon every year by the Education Office and the Culture and Arts Office . This year it ranges from 2175000 Rls to 3680000 Rls in different branches of Gooyesh.

Why is the amount of tuition fee different from one branch to another ?

It is different because of the amount of expenses of each branch, the number of students in each classroom, the facilities and also the location of each branch.

What are the required documents for registration?

New students :
1. A copy of ID card
2. One passport size photo
3. A bank receipt of tuition fee
4. A completed and signed application form

Previous students :
1. Gooyesh student ID card
2. A bank receipt of tuition fee

Why do I have to take part in the placement test?

Every new student has to take part in the placement test in order to find the right level ( course ) to start with. Different students come to Gooyesh with different proficiency levels , so the placement test can be a good measure to help them where to start from among all different courses offered in Gooyesh.

How can I have a discount?

According to rules and regulations of the institute, only certain groups of students can enjoy the discounts. These students are usually from families who work for the Education Office and the organizations which have signed contracts with Gooyesh, and also students from low-income families.

Is there any guarantee in your system?

We have tried our best to hire the most qualified instructors and have provided each branch with adequate facilities and the best technologies to facilitate the process of language learning. We can strongly claim the guarantee if the students concern.

Do you provide us with a certificate ?

Those who successfully pass the courses will surely be able to receive a certificate.

Do your instructors hold any university degrees?

Instructors who work for Gooyesh are mostly M.A holders or students of M.A, But university degrees are not necessary for those who want to apply for Gooyesh. The requirements and the criteria are their proficiency level in English, experience and interest in teaching English.

What are the facilities of the institute ?

The facilities are : A Laptop and data projector in each class, CD/ DVD Players, TV, Tape Recorders, Cassette Players, Spacious classrooms, Bookshops, Access to Internet and, etc.

How can I have a refund ?

Students who register for a course can ask for a refund only 72 hours before the courses start if they have a valid excuse. If the case is accepted, that student will lose 10% of the paid tuition and receives the rest.

What happens if I cannot attend the final exam ?

If a student can not attend the final exam, the manager should be informed two days before. That particular should have reasonable excuse to convince the manager. If so, she/he can participate in a make up test on a predetermined date in one of the branches.

Does studying here help us succeed in university entrance exam ?

Experience has shown that those who have tried their best during their studies in Gooyesh have had an acceptable record in university entrance exams. Most students who study here will be so interested in English that leads them to continue their studies in English in universities in language related fields.

Do you only teach conversation?

We believe that if a person wants to speak a language , she /he should know grammar, vocabulary and all other aspects of the language. Therefore , the main focus of teaching and learning in Gooyesh is on speaking ability in order to persuade the students to employ all elements of language to be considered a good speaker.

What is TPM?

TPM stands for teacher parents meeting. During each course, the parents or the adult students will officially be invited to have a meeting with instructors. Such a meeting is a chance for both parties ( instructors and parents ) to talk about the strong and weak points of each individual student. The parents will also be informed of the latest methods of language learning and briefly about ` how to study different sections of the book `.