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آغاز ثبت نام ترم پنجم تابستان


لازم به ذکر است، در صورتی که عنوان ترم پیشنهادی به شما در هنگام ثبت نام اینترنتی با ترم های گذشته شما مغایر می باشد، این تفاوت به دلیل به روز رسانی چارت آموزشی موسسه بوده و لازم است همان ترمی که سایت به شما پیشنهاد می دهد را ثبت نام نمایید که همان ادامه ترم های قبلی شما می باشد.

کلیه فراگیرانی که کتاب های Family and Friends را خوانده اند حتما بایستی در تعیین سطح (Ch+) ثبت نام نمایند.


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Welcome Message

Mohammad Ali Abuali
Ali Yeganeh


We are enormously proud of our outstanding administrators, staff, instructors, and students as well as the important role our institute plays in Esfahan, Iran and beyond.

Gooyesh is a nationally-renowned institute, because of the caliber of our graduates, the quality of our educational system and the hard earned reputation that draws the most diverse students body and number in Esfahan. One of the great strength of the educational system offered by Gooyesh is our "Conversation Only" courses which create opportunities for the students to use the language and be able to apply their speaking ability in real life situations.

Our outmost objective is to prepare you, our students, to meet the demands of our country and beyond. Addressing the most pressing global concerns of our time will require us to overcome and master the basic requirements of every successful business, negotiations and academic experience.

We are large enough to provide an exciting and challenging educational environment. Gooyesh's student-centered approach to education sets us apart. It ensures our graduates emerge with a broad range of practical and communication skills. These are the points which make Gooyesh graduates highly remarkable and distinguished among others.

We invite you to find out what makes Gooyesh different from other institutes. Discover our community, our programs, facilities, services, our size and locations, all of which are the distinctive characters of the Institute.

Whether you are here in person or visiting us through this site, we hope that you will enjoy your experience with us and thank you for your interest in Gooyesh.